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Apr 8, 2024 - May 8, 2024

30 Minute Weight Training Monday/ Wednesday @ 8AM or 1PM Recipes, Muscle building tips, Wt. loss tips, insider info. Weekly Accountability.

  • 31Days
  • 6Steps
Strength Training, Flexibility, Meal Prep, Recipes, Macronutrient Balancing, General Health information.


This Class will focus on Compound exercises. Efficiency: Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them a time-efficient choice. If you’re short on time, focusing on compound movements allows you to maximize muscle engagement in a single exercise session. Calorie Burn: These exercises help burn more calories due to their comprehensive muscle involvement. The more muscles you engage, the more energy your body expends during the workout. Intramuscular Coordination: Compound movements enhance coordination between different muscle groups. This coordination is crucial for functional movements and overall athleticism. Elevated Heart Rate: Because they engage large muscle groups, compound exercises increase heart rate, providing cardiovascular benefits alongside strength gains. Improved Flexibility: Performing compound movements through a full range of motion contributes to enhanced flexibility. Strength Gain: Compound exercises are excellent for building overall strength. They stimulate muscle growth and promote functional fitness.

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