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We offer a variety of Personal Training Plans:

Personal Training

Group Training

Balance Training

Biomechanics Assessment 

Muscle Testing

Train in my studio or in the privacy of your home

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We train the mind, body, and soul for you to get the lasting results you've been looking for.



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  • Esther was my personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Yorba Linda. As soon as we met, she listened carefully to me, and what I hoped to accomplish, losing weight, increasing my strength and flexibility. She not only met my goals, she went beyond other trainers that I've had by using pressure points to help relax my muscles, find which muscles were overworking and which ones were underworking. She made me want to work out, and that's not easy.  I think Esther is one of a kind!

    Linda L.

  • I wanted to strengthen my muscles as they have weakened due to statins. Esther was definitely the one to get me stronger, and get me moving faster. Esther was also  always on time, friendly, and very professional.  I felt that she planned a program to meet my specfic needs. She is very knowledgeable, so I felt comfortable with all of her suggestions and recommendations. I would highly recommend her.

    Karen G.

  •  I took Esther's Boot Camp at Yorba Linda Fitness, and I was hooked after I had lost 5 pounds in 1 month.  I  also became a personal training client of Esther. She uses a plan like no other trainer. She not only trains you in person, she sets up video workouts so you can exercise on the days when she is not training you in person.  I  lost 12 pounds in 3 months, and could fit into the dress I bought for my daughter's wedding.                                                                                                                                        Karmen P.                             

  • Esther is an amazing trainer! She taught me that I am stronger than I thought that I am and she really works with her clients to figure out exactly what works for each person. I highly recommend Esther!​

​       Tracy M.

Esther has coached me back to an active life - more active and pain free, in fact, than I had ever imagined.  My history includes back surgery, foot surgery, chemotherapy for lymphoma, four vertebral stress fractures and osteoporosis.  Esther has an easy laugh, is a great listener, and is amazingly thoughtful and attentive to details.  I'm always learning new things about physiology and nutrition from her, and without fail she addresses my individual needs.  Her workouts are interesting, varied and hold just the right amount of challenge.  I love that Esther often incorporates moves that relate to everyday activities.  Most of all, I'm grateful to be able to play tag, run "obstacle" courses, and roll around on the floor with my grandchildren now!    Faye O.

My mother in law, Lila, has been working with Esther Harrier for about a year now. I believe it was November or December of 2019.  Lila is 91 and has had Parkinson's for around 10 years.  Esther meets with Lila twice a week and has created a program that both works her body and mind with specific exercises that target her weaknesses due to Parkinson's.  I have noticed a marked improvement in her walking, sharpness, and energy.  Esther watches Lila's movements and moods and adjusts to help her depending on the day.  She has studied and understands Parkinson's at a deep level, but even more, you can tell she personally cares about Lila and is always positive and encouraging.  


I started working with Esther shortly after Lila started, in February of 2020, just before the first lockdown in CA.  It was probably the best decision I made in 2020.   I am a 49 year old mom of 6.  My goals have been to get stronger, have more energy, get toned, and lose about 20 pounds.  I have lost 10 pounds thus far (I would have lost more had I fully followed Esther's plan, ha!) but my energy, strength, toning.... all of these have greatly increased all because of Esther. (and my thigh/bottom dimples have greatly DEcreased as an added "yippee!")  Instead of gaining weight during the CoVid months, I've gotten in shape!  I happen to be a nerdy biology major, and love talking about nutrition with Esther. She is so knowledgeable.  She coaches me on many levels and is a great source of encouragement. Esther Harrier would be an amazing coach to anyone who has the privilege of working with her.  




Kara J.

I have had personal training from Esther Harrier for about five years. Esther taught me important
concepts that helped me gain fitness as I enter my seventh decade of life. In exercise sessions
with Esther, I receive motivation to overcome mental limitations. She knows how to help me
work up to the next level. Esther’s suggested exercises have helped me achieve goals such as
toning my glutes and upper arms. She addresses needs of which I am not aware, such as
working on left and right-side coordination and strengthening muscle groups to relieve
compensation problems. Esther is a warm and brilliant person.
Debra O. 

I highly recommend Esther as a trainer.  I really enjoyed my workouts with her, which is surprising since I don’t enjoy working out.  She chooses her words carefully and never makes me feel uncomfortable when I’m uncoordinated and lacking skills in the workout department. She is always on time, tries to make it fun and will change the exercise routines to keep it interesting and not too repetitive. I feel she is very attentive in making sure I am doing my exercise correctly, not just for the best work out but to make sure I do not injure myself while working out.  She knew not to give me too much at the beginning  so as not to scare me off.  I feel she listened to concerns in what I wanted to achieve and tailored my workouts accordingly.  Whether I wanted my work outs for heath reasons, for weight loss or just for getting into better physical shape, she let me know exactly what to expect from her as a trainer.  She informed me I may not loose all the weight I wanted but if I followed her plan I would lose inches. And I have!  She is very knowledgeable.  She has given me so much help/information regarding nutrition and health.  She has done much of the work for me.  (It's like getting the Cliff Notes to a  nutrition class).   I’ve had thyroid problems and sleep and digestive issues.   She is always thinking of ways to find a safe and reasonably  priced solution for what ever ails me.  She is very intuitive,   she knew I needed a break before I even admitted it to myself.  She also gave me recipes to help get me started!
Since I started with Esther in May  I have lost 11 inches and 23 pounds.  I’m wearing pants I have not been able to wear in 15 years!

I would highly recommend Esther to anyone in need of a trainer as long it doesn’t take her away from my workouts and being my trainer!
With much sincerity,
Ciara C.


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