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Hello, and Welcome to Esthercise!

My name is Esther Harrier (Lemke), and I grew up on a one hundred acre farm in the mid-west, where I learned about hard work at a very early age; the work included growing a vegetable and fruit garden , raising your own live stock for animal protein, and gardening 5 acres that we lived on.

Growing up on a farm required a lot of activity and movements.   Since working hard and being active became part of my life, I decided to join the basketball team in middle school and became the "center" position on the team.  I also developed a passion for running, since I could use the entire gravel road that we grew up on, to run.  I then peaked an interest in joining the track team; I was an OK runner, but it doesn't matter if your are Olympic material or not, if you enjoy a sport then "just do it."  This is where running became my sport.

I enjoyed running for many years until an injury while running slowed me down; I was hit by a pick-up truck that missed a red light in an intersection. My running days came to a halt for a while.  However, that didn't stop me.  One year later I beat my marathon time by one hour; after much rehabilitation and a ton of training.

The injury did pose a hip problem, which lead me to physical therapy.   It was during the rehabilitation that I became interested in physical rehabilitation and strength training.


Rehab peaked my interest so much that I decided to go back to school to acquire my kinesiology and physical rehabilitation degree. 

Side Note...

I attended California State University, Fullerton where I earned my degree in Kinesiology.

I also attended Loma Linda University where I studied Physical Therapy in the Physical Therapy Assistant Program.

I was employed at The Anaheim Police Department where I trained police officers and worked with the in-house physical therapist treating injured police officers.

I was on staff at the California State University, Fullerton Wellness Department where I worked with geriatric patients with a myriad of disabilities.

I spent one  year as an intern at Kaiser Hospital Physical Therapy Department, where I learned how to treat a myriad of physical disabilities, 

I was employed at 24 Hour Fitness as the top trainer, due to my ability to get results and help heal injuries.

I was employed at FMS Health and Safety where I worked with California Edison workers rehabilitating  their injuries  and working on flexibility due to their line of manual labor.

I am currently working on my level 2 health practitioner certification in  nutrition with Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) 

I love reading about the latest research regarding health, fitness, and nutrition.

I am also a Flight Attendant who is a trainer for a few of my fellow co-workers.  I love to travel and see the world and other cultures.



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